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Hair Clip, Barrette & Bow Organizer

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It is very frustrating digging through drawers looking for that perfect hairclip or barrette.

Barrettes, Scrunchies/Pony Tails, Hair Pins,
Clips, Ribbons, Banana Clips,& Bows
can now be easily organized and within full view.

wall mounting or dresser display

This is the ultimate hair accessory organizer.

The backs of the boards are covered with a complimentary colored fabric, giving them a completely finished and professional look.

How To Order

The organizer can be made any size.
Here are some possible sizes and prices:
12" x 12" $39                 14" x 14" $49

16" x 20" $85                 20" x 20" $100

embroidery $25 extra

Call or send me an email.

Together we will create a beautiful hair accessory organizer that will be just what you want.

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:
610-497-2902 ask for Linda
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